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Silly Seahorse Sunday

This fundraiser is for Riddlewood's Swim and Dive team and the Hinde Animal Safe Haven!

UPDATED INFO- Due to the weather we are having Silly Seahorse Sunday July 16th. See the facebook event page for most current updates.

Races you can sign up for!

Noodle Race- 1 length of the pool 

Swimmers will put a pool noodle between their legs.

The swimmers must paddle or bounce on the noodle to get across the pool.

Doggie Paddle Race- 1 length of the pool

Swimmers will have a spoon in their mouth with a ping-pong ball on it.

Swimmers then have to doggie paddle across the pool without dropping the ball. If the ball is dropped…

      -Younger kids have to find the ball, put it back on, and keep swimming.

      -Older kids have 2 drops, on the 3rd drop they have to swim back get a new ball and try again.

Freestyle- 1 length of the pool

Swimmers must swim across the pool as fast as they can.

Backwards Swimming- 1 length of the pool

Swimmers will be facing the end of the pool they enter.

Swimmers must figure out how to swim to the other end still facing the side they entered.

Corkscrew- 1 length of the pool

Swimmers will be twirling in the water as they move toward the other end of the pool.

Dolphin- 1 length of the pool

Swimmers will swim like a dolphin with their arms by their sides and legs together.

Princess and the Pea- 1 length of the pool

Swimmers will swim anyway they want, but they have to push a beach ball down the pool with their head.

Big Friendly Giant- Have to be 10 or older and 1 length of the pool

There will be 2 swimmers both on their backs. The 1st swimmer’s feet are under the 2nd swimmer’s armpits. The 2 swimmers swim across the pool together. The 1st swimmer can only use their arms while the 2nd swimmer only uses their legs.

Rosie’s Breaststroke- 1 length of the pool

Swimmers will swim in Rosie’s favorite stroke, breaststroke.


The T-shirt Relay

There will be 4 swimmers. Each swimmer will swim to the other side with a t-shirt on. When they get to the other side swimmers must take the shirt off and give it to the next swimmer who puts it on. This goes on for all 4 swimmers.

Fill the Cup Relay

There will be 4 swimmers and a cup on the other side of the pool. Each swimmer swims with a sponge to fill up the cup on the other side. For the team to win the cup must be filled and all 4 swimmers must be on the cup side.

IM Relay

There will be 4 swimmers. The 1st swimmer swims backstroke. The 2nd swimmer swims butterfly. The 3rd swimmer swims breaststroke. The 4th swims freestyle.

Featured Activities

  • Silly Swim Races ($5 for kids and $3 for adults)

    • after you pay we will put you on a team and get to pick which races you want to swim

    • then have fun swimming in silly races like doggie paddle, corkscrew, a t-shirt relay, and more​

    • anyone who can swim across the pool can participate 

  • Play with puppies

    • the Hinde Animal Safe Haven will bring some of their puppies for you to play with​

  • Animal Arts and Crafts

    • come make hand puppy puppets and paper plate seahorses

  • Basket Raffles and 50/50

  • Delicious Food Available

Who can come?

  • this event is free admission

  • all nonmember guests who attend this event are welcome to stay and continue to enjoy the pool facilities after 1 pm for the discounted fee of $5 per person.

    • all pool rules apply​

Where and When is the Event?

  • The event is July 16th 2023

  • The time is 11 am to 1 pm

  • It will happen at Riddlewood Swim Club

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