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Swim Lessons

  • Lessons are 30 minutes in length

  • You must register for a minimum of 4 lessons

  • Lesson dates and availability coming soon

  • We provide lessons for all ages

  • We are open for lessons from 11 am to 5 pm. However, all lessons are dependent upon the instructor's availability and are arranged through our Swim Lesson Coordinator, Joelle Hacik (see below).


Private lessons: one on one instruction

Early Bird Special: if you sign up before 6/12!

        Private Lessons Only

$28 $25 per lesson for members

&38 $35 per lesson for non-members

Siblings Discount!

If you sign 2 or more kids up for private lessons, 

you get $5 off per lesson per additional child.

Semi-Private lessons:  two to one instruction. 

If you are scheduling a lesson for two siblings or

friends of the same skill level*, you may request a semi-private lesson. 

$25 per lessons per child for members

$30 per lesson per child for non-members

*For safety purposes, if children are not of similar skill levels, as evaluated by their instructor, you will either need to switch to private lessons or be offered a refund of your remaining lessons


Questions? Contact Joelle Hacik, Swim Lesson Coordinator at!


Swim lesson policies:


  • Payment is due on the day of your first lesson. If paying by check make a check payable to "RSC" with the note "Swim Lessons" and provide this check to the lifeguard at check-in.

  • Since we have a minimum of 4 lessons you have to pay for the 4 all together on the first day of lessons. Any addition lessons can be paid later either all at once by your 5th lesson, weekly, or per lesson.

  • Requests to reschedule a lesson must be made to the instructor and makeups will only be offered based on the instructor's availability. A maximum of 2 lessons may be rescheduled

  • We ask for the safety of our instructors that you request a makeup if your child is showing signs of illness

  • All payment (even additional lessons) after 6/12 is regular pricing.

  • Nonmember policy

    • Only the participant(s) of the swim lesson are allowed in the pool for only the timeframe of their lesson.

    • Staff is allowed to ask nonmembers to leave if they are not following these rules.

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