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Join our Swim & Dive Team!

Become Part of the Team! 

We are so excited to kick off our Swim & Dive season! Joining either of the teams is a great way to meet new friends and learn the sport of swimming in a fun-filled environment.  Sign up using the Swim & Dive Form or click here for more information.  Requires swimming 2 consecutive laps - ages 4-18.  LImited Membership information for Non-Members interested in the Swim Team can be viewed HERE.

Go Seahorses!

Dive Team

Join our dive team! It's a great way to train and bond with teammates, improve your individual skills, get to know the community, and work hard! Sign up using the link above to reserve your spot on the team!


Swim Team

Join our swim team! Swimming is a great exercise that will challenge your child to do their best while having fun with their community. 

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