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Click HERE to book your event at RSC!

Event Options and Pricing:


2 hour party during operating hours: 

  • Member Pricing:

    • Up to 20 guests: $200 - two tables on the deck

    • Up to 30 guests: $250 - three tables on the deck

  • Non-member Pricing:

    • Up to 20 guests: $300 - two tables on the deck

    • Up to 30 guests: $350 - three tables on the deck

  • Extra hour is an additional $30


After hours event (8pm-11:30pm):

  • Members: $350

  • Non-members: $450

  • Price covers up to 40 guests; $20 per each additional guest


Who can book an event with RSC?

Members: you must have been a member for at least one previous season or have such a member (previous season member) who will co-sponsor the event.   

Non-members must have a member sponsor who will sign off as co-renter.  Non-members must provide a copy of their driver’s license as well for our records.


Event Rules and Policies: all event rentals must agree to the rules and policies when booking

1. All events must be approved. RSC reserves the right to deny rental.

2. Payment is collected in full - a full refund is provided if we can't secure an event date of your choosing or if the pool closes due to inclement weather. (see below)

3. In cases of inclement weather, where the pool must close the majority if your party session, you have the option to reschedule by emailing us at or we will issue you a full refund.

4. NO GLASS IS ALLOWED ON PROPERTY. - anyone found bringing glass on property will forfeit their event payment and be asked to leave

5. Rentals at RSC include use of the pool, the kitchen, and grill.  If using the kitchen and grill, you must notify at least one week in advance so the manager is aware.

6. All Pool Safety Rules will apply to rentals - rental guests must follow lifeguard instructions for the safety of all
7. Each group must provide one adult for each eight children.

8. The "Renter" and guests are responsible for all clean up.  Trash must be placed into the appropriate receptacles.

9. Parties that exceed the contracted time will be charged an additional fee of $1/minute for parties during normal operating hours and $5/minute for evening events.  Failure to pay this fine can result in loss of membership and/or ability to book RSC for future events.

10. The renter and guests shall hold harmless RSC. RSC shall not be liable for any damages or injury to any persons or property caused by or resulting from any condition existing at RSC or resulting from any other cause or occurrence associated with the use of RSC.

11. The person completing the online booking ("Renter") is responsible for the group. The Renter hereby assumes and bears the entire risk for damage to RSC or any other equipment of RSC resulting from any cause whatsoever during the term of this Reservation Agreement. In the event of any loss, RSC will repair or cause to be repaired any damage to RSC at the sole expense of the Renter.

Evening specific rules and policies:

12. The lifeguards are there to guard the pool - if there are no people in the pool at a given time you may ask them to help you carry items, assist in clean-up, and ask them kitchen and grill questions. However you are responsible for the setup and complete clean-up of your event.  Please consider tipping the guards if they assist you with setup and clean up at the end of the party.

13. If the Renter and guests do not fully clean up, the Renter will be charged $5/minute for the lifeguards staying to clean.

Blackout times & dates:
  • 6-8pm M-F through July due to Swim Team
Payment policy:
  • Payment is due in full upon booking. We will issue a full refund if we can not secure your date or if we need to cancel due to inclement weather that would prevent swimming for the majority of the party time. 
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