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Luau Party!!
Riddlewood's only luau of the summer! 
5:30pm to 10:30pm
Nonmember fee: $8 if RSVP $10 day of either way you pay at the door

Members please RSVP as well so we know how much food needed

If you already RSVP but wanted to bring food 


Of course there will be free swim all night. However we will be hosting multiple activities for you to enjoy!

Treasure hunt

Spin the wheel: for $1 you can spin the wheel to win different prizes!



Corn hole tournament all night: RSVP your team soon (winner gets a prize) 

Pie eating contest at 7pm

Karaoke at 8pm

Corn Hole Tournament Rules

Entry Fee: RSVP $10 - $15 last minute day of

Winner- 50/50 split with pool

Tournament will start at 6pm and will continue throughout the night until there's a winner!


There will be only 1 corn hole set used in the tournament. The tournament will be played throughout the whole night until we come to a winner. Teams will play bracket style with single elimination. We encourage players to be 15 and up. However, if someone 15 and up wanted someone younger to play with them they can.



  • First to 15 depends on how many sign ups we get

  • Single elimination- bracket style

  • Players must be on their side of the board

  • Players foot can’t come across the front of the board

    • If player comes across the front of the board while throwing the bag, the bag is foul and doesn’t count

  • The team with the most points from the last round go first the next round

    • If there is a tie, the team who went first the previous round goes first again

  • Each pair of teammates line up across from each other at opposite boards.

  • Starting on one side, opposing players alternate tossing bags until each player has tossed all bags.

  • Once all bags are thrown, each team adds up their total points.

  • The players on the opposite side then collects the bags and repeat Steps 2 and 3 throwing the other way.

  • Play continues until one team reaches or exceeds 15 points.


  • Any bag which comes to rest anywhere on top of the board is worth one (1) point.

  • Any bag which is thrown through the hole or knocked through the hole by another bag is worth three (3) points.

  • Any bag which is not on the board or through the hole is worth zero (0) points.

  • Bags from teams cancels each other out

    • E.g. if both teams have 1 bag on the board at the end of the round their points cancel out and neither teams get a point

  • Tiebreaker: if there’s a tie there’s a bonus round and whoever scores most that round wins.

    • Bonus rounds will continue until there is a winner

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